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Ricordata, New York City

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This period is called EPISOD NOW. It chronicles the rise and dominium of the 21st Century Poet from here to the top.

“Here” signifies the readily present beginning of this march of creative revolt in the form of a reality show, destined to configure its very own universe, outside all industries involved in the production and distribution of cinema, music and verbal intellectual matrix. Following the logical progression of what I am fleshing out on this screen, bit by bit per episode, it’s rather easy to imagine and set the horizon of this uncharted territory, the “top” is where I am operating from already, actually. It refers to the time when people by the billions will connect to the news I will be generating.

Hello Man! I am the poet who is wielding a new kind of power; offsetting reality and manifestation for a very specific purpose in a very specific time.

This is an anchor for the future: Here are the coordinates of how I will do the impossible: 9 <ANALOGUE-HT1980-DIGITAL> x X:CENTRAL REGION: Y:(HOLOCENE > C.E.(Current Epoch) = CORPUS ENIGMA-IMPVISPAST-NEW VAGUE CITY-ANCIENT THEORIES OF THE FUTURE-PHOTON SEA=MAP OF THE UNIVERSE x 9

What will unfold on NEW VAGUE CITY is the singular auteurship; my own destiny filmed as a myth that shows the journey and the making of multiplex opuses from genesis to reception, spanning across 19 years, all interconnected to kineticise a powerful remedy for the modern ailments screwed into me by the world and the epoch I happen to live in. I will free you as I free myself, because the black hole in the psyche is the property of the world. You want a scenerio. I refer to this psyche-active plan of a script as the Invasion from Within.

I am 9.

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NEW VAGUE CITY is the multimode creative platform of KiNo; the Poet of Sound and Image from the New York Underground.⁠