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Interactive Album


Collectors Item

In the smack middle of NYC, Ricordata is the studio where KiNo assembled New Vague City and handled all the musical production that are sequences which will be distributed by the series. This album synchronises the studio desk to the timeline of the tv show and creates an interactive foundation for weaving the narrative about where these songs and concepts originate from. The album and the film follow an active script through which KiNo pushes his will onto reality and realisation.

What is this record?
  • Writing References
  • Demos
  • Live Performances
  • Production Sessions
  • Concepts
  • Scenes
  • Arias
  • Ephemeral Features
Sonic Accompaniment


Unique Vital Medium

Since NVC is a sonic phenomenon as much as visual, and a spoken literary device with a distinct economy of storytelling, it is obvious that there should be an EP bundle every 3 episodes; equal to a cycle that manifests a major progress of this Show of Reality.

What is this record?
  • Sonic Art
  • Montage as Music
  • Poetics
  • Storytelling
  • Music
  • Propositions
  • Public Announcement
  • Radio Drama