12 NOV 021

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12 / 11


Wonderful turning my back to the mute and phantom audience of the social mania, idiotic culture of ads, and the self-adulating morons at the tip of the putrid society.  I am forever indebted to the valuable people I have met out there. Now, it’s time for action; taking my position as a leader of the revolution of the mind in resistance. I am configuring live shows and building a centralised creative platform right here.

24 OCT 021

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24 / 10


It is an exciting time at Ricordata, the next episod is forming a massive junction that runs major aspects of correlating parts of my life as works of art. That is to say, what I am pulling off is a introduction to a creative explosion; mounting on this desk, from where I’m darting this telegram.

11 OCT 021

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11 / 10


Doing the first revision of the cut I have for the 5th Episod of New Vague City, a serious threshold. Next stage is bold cuts and sound design. Oh, that 05:26 am.

Ricordata, Hollyhodl

25 SEP 021

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25 / 9


Saturday night has begun quietly at the studio, I am mentally preparing (before dinner) to attack the timeline of the most complex film in existence. Tonight’s session will see the smelting of 10 years of a cycle in a couple of filmic sequences. The art of delivering one’s spirit in music into the fickle image reality.  — Ricordata, Hollywood.

23 SEP 021

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23 / 9


I am chuffed to be ending my misrepresentation in the microscopic image-reality.
There is a myth, there is a legend on that puny screen and I guarantee maybe one, maybe two people have seen that I am the prophetic genius, the most powerful poet of all time clear as daylight. I am that man. — Ricordata, Hollywood.

8 SEP 021

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8 / 09


Assembling the next episode is the hardest undertaking I have ever had, i think. How can I take you into the labyrinth with layers and layers of projects interlocking into a uni-bodied myth that has been developing over the last 10 years? Giving it a title was the easy part. CORPUS ENIGMA, ushering you in is a fucking mind-blowing complication. But, now is the time to simplify each layer beginning with the OPERA FOR MUTES.

— Ricordata, Hollywood

23 AUG 021

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23 / 08


Since its release, the new season of NVC, Prologue Boom, has been announced in a most quiet fashion. Only one round of posts into the pisswall of social media, and the mailing list, that’s all. Tonight, while working on the next episode, I shall cut an incision into the interior reality of the studio and its grand vision in the form of ‘promotion’. All social media posts will be made NFTs.

— Ricordata, Hollywood

17 AUG 021

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17 / 08


Every other day, I have an unrestrained creative boom. A nocturnal session when I move in all directions simultaneously, flying between filming, editing, singing, recording, mixing and remixing. Like today, the day after, is dedicated to cleaning up the pieces of explosion and reining in the sequence and timeline, orchestrating these different movements into the monolithic body of my expression.

— Ricordata, Hollywood

15 AUG 021

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15 / 08


Cutting the next episode (No.5). It is the entrance to the labyrinth that will turn into a spectacle unlike any other, by the grace of this epoch we live in.

— Ricordata, Hollywood

NEW VAGUE CITY is the multimode creative platform of KiNo; the Poet of Sound and Image from the New York Underground.⁠