11 MAY 022

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11/ 5


Every session I work on the production of the episode, that will launch the new season, conjures up the work that will carve my touch on the wall of arts and humanities. It’s uncanny, watching your mental and artistic powers weave your soul into a living piece of work. I have managed to device a whole medium out of myself, synthesising many disparate fields into a unified aesthetic and philosophical monument; a miracle of language and logic: taking information and distributing it in a multi-dimensional mythology.

3 APR 022

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3/ 4


The ever evolving requirements of the next installation in production has now reached its logical boundaries, involving  chance as the agent that puts the narrative of my life across and the work that comes from it. What that means is that I have now the dailies, I roll the dice and let the numbers pick a clip. When those clips are lined up we have a narrative thread.

31 MAR 022

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31/ 3


The amount of interesting people who walked into the lens over the last few days is plain overwhelming. The fact that after a year and a half in LA, I walk into any situation; public event, red carpet, armpit, exhibition, oscars, postcards, and I run into bunch of my actors – or even bystanders in scenes from the past – proves that I already own this motherfucker. This is the invasion I am talking about, you are in it, before you know it.

6 MAR 022

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6/ 3


For over a year and a half, I have been working in LA on the next movement of my creative life. Now, the entrance to the labyrinth, a living breathing art of sense and meaning, is almost built. It’s in the form of the next episod of New Vague City, launching the amalgamation of cinema, music and philosophy, the magnetic field, where I am. Invasion from Within, Victory without War!

1 MAR 022

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3/ 1


I am configuring the podcast to serve as a precursor to each episod of NVC. This way, the audience will experience the poetry in the element of sound first. Then, the full sensation. There is no other way to highlight the profound dimension of sound in the presence of the powerful image. I am a master of the two realms. Also, we are creating a weekly radio show with Petar & John Barrymore.

29 JAN 022

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1 / 29


Wonderfully consumed by the assembly of the first installation of the new season INVASION FROM WITHIN. Also juggling mixing AMORE AMORE AMORE, filming for SURPRISE UPON SURPRISE, resurrecting the podcast, minting NFTs. No girl in sight per usual who tickles me fancy. Sod it, I must go back to Roma.

12 NOV 021

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12 / 11


Wonderful turning my back to the mute and phantom audience of the social mania, idiotic culture of ads, and the self-adulating morons at the tip of the putrid society.  I am forever indebted to the valuable people I have met out there. Now, it’s time for action; taking my position as a leader of the revolution of the mind in resistance. I am configuring live shows and building a centralised creative platform right here.

24 OCT 021

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24 / 10


It is an exciting time at Ricordata, the next episod is forming a massive junction that runs major aspects of correlating parts of my life as works of art. That is to say, what I am pulling off is a introduction to a creative explosion; mounting on this desk, from where I’m darting this telegram.

11 OCT 021

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11 / 10


Doing the first revision of the cut I have for the 5th Episod of New Vague City, a serious threshold. Next stage is bold cuts and sound design. Oh, that 05:26 am.

Ricordata, Hollyhodl

25 SEP 021

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25 / 9


Saturday night has begun quietly at the studio, I am mentally preparing (before dinner) to attack the timeline of the most complex film in existence. Tonight’s session will see the smelting of 10 years of a cycle in a couple of filmic sequences. The art of delivering one’s spirit in music into the fickle image reality.  — Ricordata, Hollywood.

NEW VAGUE CITY is the multimode creative platform of KiNo; the Poet of Sound and Image from the New York Underground.⁠